Undergraduate Registration

Student talking with an advisorImportant information for the upcoming registration period will be provided here. Please be sure to check back regularly for any important registration updates.

Please contact our office if you are unable to find the information you seek.

Information on Taking an Extra Course

For Fall 2018, if you wish to take an “extra” course, Providence College allows students to do so for no additional tuition on a “seat-available” basis. For more information regarding maximum credit per major, please refer to this guide.

If you are interested in registering for an extra course, you can do so on CyberFriar starting on August 3rd at 8:00 am.

Important considerations include:

  1. Students must be in good academic standing to take an extra course. Students may NOT advance their academic status (i.e., be able to graduate early) by taking extra courses; the College’s 8-semester graduation policy applies.
  2. Extra course registration is allowed on a seat-available basis; however, if a course is closed a student needs to receive consent from the course instructor and department chair to add the course using a Course Adjustment Form.
  3. School of Continuing Education Courses (SCE) Extra Course Approval: Only junior and senior level students may register for SCE courses. Registration priority for SCE courses is given to SCE students. SCE “Distance Learning” and “Term” courses cannot be taken as extra courses. If a student does register for a distance learning or term course or if they have not received permission from their Class Dean to register for a second SCE course, they will be automatically dropped from the course by Enrollment Services. Space availability in the SCE is determined after the first week of classes and only after the SCE Dean makes over-enrollment decisions for students taking the normal course-load. No student will be registered in an SCE course after it has met twice. Because of these constraints and this timeline, we strongly recommend that you pursue extra course options in the day school rather than in SCE courses.
  4. The last day for CyberFriar registration adjustments is January 22nd. Students looking to register for courses after that point must follow the course registration timeline outlined in the Academic Calendar.
  5. Extra course registrations submitted during the “late adjustment period” are subject to a late fee of $150.00.