Student accessing the enrollment services office


Through the links on this page, students will be able to find the necessary information needed to request transcripts and enrollment verifications. Students will also be able to download the forms necessary to change their major or their registration.

Please contact our office if you are unable to find the information you seek.

Students may now request an academic program adjustment online by logging into CyberFriar, clicking on Student Services, Student Records and then Change of Major.


Submitting this form electronically does not mean that you have automatic approval of your requested major/minor change.  You must fill out this electronic form AND make an appointment with the appropriate department personnel to discuss your change request.  After meeting with you, the department will either approve or deny your request.  Once approved, the adjustment will then be officially recorded on your academic record by the Office of Enrollment Services.

Students interested in declaring business, who are not currently business majors, are required to submit a major change request through Cyberfriar.  Students will then be required to attend a mandatory PCSB Declaration Session by emailing Details on the School of Business declaration process for all students are listed on their website.